Welcome to Cordell Custom Homes

Expert Custom Home Builders in Maryland

This is where a Cordell Custom Home begins.  After a tour of our model house displaying the fine workmanship that goes into a Cordell Custom Home, prospective customers sit down with us to decide exactly what they want in their home.  We get down to the details, so that you receive a fair and accurate price.

During the building process, you can expect to see Jack or C. J. on the jobsite every day when decisions, attention or quality inspections are necessary. They will be checking to see that the work is going smoothly, and that the quality they expect from the men on the site is being maintained down to the finest detail.  In order to maintain our high standard of quality, we use the same dependable subcontractors on each and every job.  We hope you are beginning to see that, whether we are building a starter home or an executive home, you receive the best workmanship Cordell Custom Homes can provide and in a timely manner, too.